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Presidential Restore

The most comprehensive detailing package, including:



> Hand Wash & Dry
> Hot Waxing
> Tires & wheels cleaned
> Tires & wheels shined & dressed
> Engine Shampooing
> Undercarriage Washed
> Carnauba Wax Paint Protection
> Smooth as Glass Paint Finish
> Clay & decontaminate Paint


All prices for small cars.
**Extra charges for larger vehicles**
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> Thorough Vacuum
> Clean, Vinyl Plastic & Trim
> Dress, Vinyl Plastic & Trim
> Dress Dash & Center Console
> Interior Deodorized
> Crystal Clear Glass
> Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned
> Freshened Up carpets & Upholstery
> Buttons, knobs, gages & vents cleaned
> Carpet & Upholstery Shampooed or
> steam cleaned.


Presidential Restoration

Presidential restoration is a full service detailing and restoration package which aims to give your car a complete makeover. Our job is to take a drab and dull old car and transform it into brand new avatar. Most cars that come for Presidential restoration have had a lot to endure over some period of time. We take these cars under our wings and leave looking nothing like their old selves. A thorough looking after is done both in the interior as well as the exterior of the car. We not only clean the car but manage to give it back its lost years in terms of looks. Some features include deep cleansing of carpet & upholstery with steam cleaning or carpet & upholstery shampooing.