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Auto Detailing Price Packages

Detailing World offers variety of car detailing packages including interior only, exterior only and complete auto detailing packages. Our detailers are trained professionally and insured fully for Calgary car detailing. Our services help you save time and without any doubts a well detailed and clean car will increase its sale price. During special occasions your car definitely needs to be spruced up; especially if the occasion involves long car journeys and picnics then your car needs some care afterwards. But now cleaning the mess is not difficult now due to the attractive auto detailing price packages that we have for you.

Full Packages

Detailing World is most famous for its full packages that justify your investment in true sense. These full interior & exterior auto detailing packages are not only comprehensive but are extremely cost effective that come in handy when it comes to controlling your expenses. They make sure that customers do not have to opt for separate packages for interior and exterior detailing and cleaning of their cars. These packages are taken care of by experienced experts to make sure that the customers get the best and customized car detailing Calgary services.

The full car cleaning Calgary services that we provide come with a string of value added features and that is what makes Detailing World such an adorable name in the car detailing fraternity. Again, to make sure that the customers get back every penny’s worth, we accommodate every possible type of features in our full packages.
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Interior car cleaning only packages

If you want us to attend to the interiors of the cars only, then also we have some options for you. There are several packages that are aimed for maintenance of the interiors of cars. There are three kinds of packages in this section- Interior Lite, Interior Plus and Comprehensive Interior.
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Exterior car cleaning only packages

We can attend to car exteriors through three detailing packages Calgary- Exterior Lite, Exterior Plus and Comprehensive Exterior which are perfect to address various stages of car cleaning.
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Stand-alones or add-ons

Except car wash, we also cater to miscellaneous services like head lights restoration at $45 each, fabric guard at $39, power polishing and hand wax at $129, carpet and upholstery shampooing at $99, carpet and upholstery steam cleaning at $99 and paint protection or ceramic coating at $900.
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Detailing World Gift Cards

Detailing World offers gift card that is a simple and convenient way of paying for comprehensive car detailing.
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