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Car Detailing

Interior Plus

An advanced interior detailing package which includes:



> Thorough Vacuum
> Clean, Vinyl Plastic & Trim
> Dress, Vinyl Plastic & Trim
> Dress Dash & Center Console
> Interior Deodorized
> Crystal Clear Glass
> Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned
> Freshened Up carpets & Upholstery
> Buttons, knobs, gages & vents cleaned


All prices for small cars.
**Extra charges for larger vehicles**
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Interior Plus

This is an advanced and effective interior car detailing packages that we have got for our valued customers. This particular car detailing Calgary package includes thorough vacuum cleaning, Vinyl Plastic trimming, dressing, dash and center consoling, interior deodorizing, glass cleaning, thoroughly cleaning and conditioning leather seats, freshening up carpets & upholstery, little details like cleaning inside and around buttons, knobs, gages & vents.

Again, as usual this particular service will also be conducted by specialists who are experienced enough to give their best shot for ensuring quality and to make sure that the investment of our clients are justified in the truest sense and that is what makes this service so much popular!