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Head Lights Restoration

Head Lights Restoration

The most comprehensive auto restoration package including :

Head lights restoration solutions

Service Includes

Restoration of hazy, discolored and scratched head lights engaged by only the best technicians and service personnel. The new surface is then adequately protected and polished by high quality chemicals, to leave a bright long lasting protective layer.

$45 / Each

Includes UV coating & polishing
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Auto Head Light Restoration Service

If you have a minimum knowledge about driving, then you know what it means for a car to have clouded, discolored and unclear pair of headlights. Nighttime driving becomes a nightmare once the headlights lose their clarity. Hence, our effective auto head light restoration service ensures that the lights of your car are always shining to their best of abilities – throwing out light bright and clear, even when you are driving through a pitch dark motorway! Auto restoration will also result in a huge transformation of the appearance of your car.