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Fabric Guard Treatment

Fabric Guard



The Fabric Guard Treatment that we provide will protect your vehicle’s Carpets, Seats, Upholstery convertible tops from the mud, dust, and dirt of the road, and other natural elements, various fluids, oils and other liquids, while protecting the surface of the interior from the UV rays the car might get exposed to. A comprehensive fabric protection will protect the cushions and seats, carpet while the treatment will also save it from the normal wear and tear resulting from the rigors of the daily use, thereby giving your car a sizzling, refreshing look that all will envy!


All prices for small cars.
**Extra charges for larger vehicles**
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Fabric Guard

As the car age with, the carpets and seats bears the brunt of time with dirt, spills and other contaminants. The surface suffers accumulating dust that make your car look more aged than it really is. The treatment provided by experienced techs is meant to form a protective layer between your fabric and pollutants. The service is highly recommended after shampooing or steam cleaning of upholstery.