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Auto Exterior Packages

Exterior Comprehensive

The most comprehensive exterior detailing package including :



> Hand Wash & Dry
> Hot Waxing
> Tires & wheels cleaned & Polished
> Tires & wheels shined & dressed
> Engine Shampooing
> Undercarriage Washed
> Carnauba Wax Paint Protection
> Smooth as Glass Paint Finish
> Clay & decontaminate Paint
> Power Polish, Brighten Color & rejuvenated paint finish.


All prices for small cars.
**Extra charges for larger vehicles**
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Exterior Comprehensive

This is the best exterior car detailing packages that we offer. This high end exterior detailing package involves hand and dry washing, hot waxing, cleaning, shining, and dressing tires & wheels, shampooing engine, washing undercarriage, auto body power polishing, providing Carnauba Wax Paint Protection, providing paint finish to make the surface look as smooth and glossy as glass, claying and decontaminating paints, power polishing, brightening colors and rejuvenating paint finishing service, hand wax & polishing. This service is particularly designed to ensure that the exterior of your car looks as shiny as a new car that is just rolling out of the showroom! The service will be conducted by specialists with years of high end exterior detailing experience to ensure the best results.