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car auto detailing

Executive Detail

An advanced detailing package, including:



> Hand Wash & Dry
> Hot Waxing
> Tires & wheels cleaned
> Tires & wheels shined & dressed
> Engine Shampooing
> Undercarriage Washed
> Carnauba Wax Paint Protection


All prices for small cars.
**Extra charges for larger vehicles**
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> Thorough Vacuum
> Clean, Vinyl Plastic & Trim
> Dress, Vinyl Plastic & Trim
> Dress Dash & Center Console
> Interior Deodorized
> Crystal Clear Glass
> Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned
> Freshened Up carpets & Upholstery
> Buttons, knobs, gages & vents cleaned


Executive Detailing

When you think that your car needs a little bit of extra pampering and care then Executive detail is what you need. Modestly priced at $249 this includes some extra services that aim to leave every spot of your car sparkling. It features caring underneath the hood of the car and the engine, along with protecting your paint job. This is best for those cars which have undergone some rough handling and you want to restore its lost glory.