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Power Polishing and Hand Wax Service Calgary

car scratch removal service

Service Includes

We offer three stage buffing, hand waxing, car scratch removal and power polishing of the exterior, applied by well trained restoration techs in Calgary. The paint is thoroughly clayed to remove road grime and contaminants that stick to the paint surface. A coat of carnauba wax followed by a coat of butter wax is applied to give car’s exterior ultimate protection and high gloss look. The treatment is very effective for removing minor scratches and swirl marks.


All prices for small cars.
**Extra charges for larger vehicles3
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Car Scratch Removal and Power Polishing

As we all age with time, our skin bears the brunt of time with scars and wrinkles coming up every now and then. It is the same with cars. With time the surface suffers scuffs and scratches that make your car look more aged than it actually is. You will surely not let these marks settle on the surface of your car. Here we are – with all the experience of power polishing and hand waxing, waiting all the time to lend your car a brand new look, as flawless as the one which has just rolled out of the showroom! Our multi-stage power polishing, buffing, car hand wax, power polishing and car scratch removal service is surely the one you have been looking for in Calgary!