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Harsh weather conditions, dirt and road salt can wreak disaster on the car’s paint finish. Not only worn paint looks unattractive, but can also demean the value of your vehicle when you try to trade it in or sell it. Therefore, it is essential that you protect it from rough weather prior to the damage with 3M paint care. As you know, prevention is better than cure, safeguarding your vehicle from oxidation and color fading before they happen is the most cost- effective, easy and best way to retain the value of your automobile. You can show off your like-new car and be a proud owner for years to come. This blog talks about some of the benefits of 3M paint protection.

Acts as a protective shield:

This paint protection is not only applied to the car’s exterior paint, but is also applied to the windscreen. The film is thin and transparent, which cannot be noticed separately, but creates a shield that causes water to drip and run off. Accumulated water drops on the side mirrors, windscreen or door mirrors of your vehicle, make it difficult to view the road clearly. There are some reliable car detailing companies that offer 3M Paint protection service in Calgary. This protection helps the water to run off quickly, so that you can see the road clearly in rainy or wet weather conditions.

Ceramic Coating and 3M Paint

Cost- effective maintenance:

Many car owners across Calgary and all over the globe regularly spend a good deal of money on waxing to get a shiner and glossier finish for their car’s exterior. But wax builds up layer upon layer, over time, subjecting to small scratches and defects. As the passage of time, these defects make the finish very dull. 3M Paint care is a long-lasting way to maintain the car’s exterior without frequent visits to the automobile detailing station.

Increases the value:

3M Paint Protection packages offered by a professional car detailing firm, not just cover the exterior car treatment, but uses 3M technology to safeguard your vehicle’s interior as well. This protects your seats, upholstery and carpet by building an invisible barrier between fabric and dirt without leaving it sticky or stiff. The fabric fiber absorbs the protectant instantly to offer utmost protection without affecting the texture of the material or fabric. After the application of the treatment, the fabric or leather become fully protected. In case of any accident, the spills can be cleaned up very easily.

There are several choices in the market available today. But, being a responsible car owner, you should pick up world class protection for your car’s paint which is stain resistant; durable and robust; provides exceptional clarity and specially formulated with self healing technology.

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