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Steps to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving

July 30, 2014
by: Detailing World

For any driver, the most unwanted thing is to break down in harsh, cold winter weather. So, it is always wise to have your vehicle professionally checked in order to avoid the hassle of being stranded out in the freezing surrounding and with out of the blue expense of emergency repairs.

Winterizing your car before the temperatures drop is a sensible decision, it is just takes an investment of an hour or two to get your vehicle checked, but it offers true peace of mind thereby helping you avoid the cost and inconvenience of auto problem during severe weather.

Apart from availing advanced Calgary car wash services on a regular basis, the following steps are recommended for taking care of your vehicle during the winter season.


• If you are due for a tune-up, get it done before winter begins. Cold weather increases existing problems such as hard starts, pings, rough idling or sluggish performance.

• It is essential to have the battery as well as the charging system checked for the best functionality. Cold weather can be hard on batteries.

• Make sure to put new antifreeze in the cooling system after getting it cleaned and flushed. This needs to be done every two years as a general auto care and maintenance rule.

• Remember to check if the wipers, defrosters, heaters are working properly. Consider using cold weather washer fluid along with winter wiper blades. Wiper blades should be replaced twice a year as a general rule of thumb.

• Check the tyre pressure and tread depth. If you are facing snow and ice problem while driving in your area, try out special tyres designed for gripping slick roads. Don’t forget to check tyre pressure weekly during winter.

• As braking system is a vehicle’s most essential safety concern, brakes should be checked regularly.

• Get the exhaust system checked so as to avoid carbon monoxide leaks. Such an issue can be very dangerous during the winter while driving with windows closed.

• Check to see that headlights are appropriately aimed and interior and exterior lights work properly. Avail the best interior car wash solution in Calgary to pamper your vehicle for the brand new look you will absolutely love!

Try and change the oil and filter at recommended intervals and have your technician check the fuel, air and transmission filters simultaneously. Hopefully, these tips will help you maintain the versatility of your car. And now no more worries if winter is upon you….Happy driving!

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