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Who doesn’t love to look at their well-maintained car? It is the pride of every owner – neatly polished and all shiny and ready to rev up the streets. Its aerodynamic curves enticing you to run your fingers through the smooth surface… oh wait… only to discover a nasty scratch. “How did it get there?” will be the first question that runs through one’s mind. But a more important & difficult question to address is “how do I get it out?” Car scratches can be an eyesore and literally leaves a dent (no pun intended) on the elegance of your vehicle. Well the good news is if you have some time and patience, you can make this a DIY project and remove these scratches yourself. We’ll show you how.

Materials Needed:

First you would have to get some materials:

> Some Car Wash product
> A bucket of water and a sponge
> Sandpaper
> A clean dry cloth
> A Rubbing Compound
> One or Two ounces of touch-up paint

This is a basic kit that will get to remove small scratches.

The Process:

By following the below process step by step, one can easily remove small scratches from his car.

Step – I: Wash your Car. Duh! Car Wash, a Bucket and a Sponge – why else would you need it. Washing your car before removing the scratch ensures that dirt doesn’t settle down in the scratches or dents or worsen the damaged area.

Step – II: Dry the car naturally. Then use the dry cloth to wipe the damaged area.

car scratch removal and power polishing service

Step – III: Use the sandpaper on the scratched area. This ensures that it is smoothed out and leveled up. Plus now you get to see how deep the actual scratch is. Usually scratches don’t go beyond the surface layer paint. If it does, it calls for a much biggest job involving repainting that area. Expert services like Car scratch removal Calgary usually stop at this step and then apply touch up paint.

Step – IV: Use the rubbing compound on the surface area of the scratch. Be sure to add some generously in and around this area and scrub it moderately through it. Rubbing compound is an abrasive material that removes paint. Well don’t get alarmed, we are just going to use this on the surface to remove some of the paint in the scratch zone. This lets it smooth out the scratch area and levels up the scratch zone. This leaves the scratch more or less invisible. Experts & professional agencies would go one step further by using a Polisher (a huge device that has an abrasive wheel which spins fast on the surface of the paint) to smooth out the surface.

Step – V: This step is probably not necessary for small scratches. But deeper or larger ones might need some touch-up paint to gloss up the area.

The DIY method works for small scratches, but for larger ones it always better to get the experts such as car scratch removal service in Calgary to help you out.

Disclaimer: Precaution must be taken while proceeding with any kind of sanding or touch up on the paint surface. Not using the right grit of sanding paper could cause additional damage to the vehicle and may require a paint work from a licensed body shop. DIY requires special skill and knowledge about the paint work. In addition clear coat and painted surface must have enough thickness, for scratch removal.


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