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The thought of a vehicle accident is extremely upsetting, but taking precautions may help you avoid it. Adopting defensive-driving methods can keep you safe on the road and may even save you money. Many insurance companies decrease policyholders’ premiums if they maintain accident-free driving records or take an accredited course on defensive-driving skills.

Here are a few simple tips for you to learn driving defensively, follow these steps. These driving safety tips will help you develop safer practice that can protect you, your passengers and your car.

 • Remain concentrated, keeping your hands on the wheel. Defensive drivers focus on the road, keeping their hands at proper position. While driving, avoid doing other tasks, including Eating, holding a dog, applying makeup, tending to a kid, texting, operating a hand held cell phone, etc.

 • It is important to keep the eyes moving to continuously look in the mirrors and scan the road ahead. Check for hazards and slow traffic in order to anticipate problems before they occur.

 • Stay alert and don’t drive if you are upset or tired.

 • Go with the flow as just like speeding, driving too slowly can also be dangerous. Try to drive at speeds that most other vehicles are going to avoid accidents.

 • To maintain sufficient spacing with the vehicle in front of you, use the two second rule on heavily traveled roads. It helps reduce the chance of a rear-end conflict when vehicles ahead make sudden stops.

 • Make yourself visible as many accidents occur because drivers don’t see the other vehicle. It is crucial to make your presence known and make the road safer for everyone.

Drive Safely

 • Use your turn signals to allow other drivers to know where you are going. By applying your blinkers, other drivers will be able to predict your actions and reduce speed safely.

 • Turn on your headlights at sundown or whenever it is raining. This is more for other drivers to see you and not for you to observe the road. In some places, it is against the law to drive without your headlights on when the windshield wipers are in function.

 • Properly functioning brake lights are a safety must. They warn vehicles behind you that you are slowing down, signaling them to reduce speed, too.

 • Avoid blind spots and don’t linger in places where you are not visible to the driver ahead of you.

 • Refuse to give in to road rage. Aggressive drivers may enrage you, but retaliating with similar tactics is hazardous.

Follow these simple rules and become a defensive driver. Alongside familiarizing yourself with traffic rules, you should also try to adapt to road conditions. In addition, proper maintenance of your car is one of the most significant aspects when it comes to driving safely on the road. Hence, keep your car properly maintained by professional auto detailing service providers who specialize in entire car carpet and seat shampooing, exterior and interior car wash solution in Calgary.

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