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Why Paint Cleaning is Beneficial for Your Car

August 28, 2014
by: Detailing World

Besides a proper wash, paint cleaning process is another important requirement when it comes to ensuring your car’s long life. How frequently this service is needed depends on several factors like where your car is kept, environmental conditions and how often you clean and wax it. Garage kept automobiles may need it every year or two, whereas autos parked outside in the elements by daily drivers might need cleaning every six months to one year.


What is paint cleaning?

Firstly, it is not washing which is actually eliminating the top layer of dirt sitting on top of the outer coating of wax applied on your car the last time it was waxed. Over time dust particle and other dirty stuff gets embedded deeper in the clear coat of the paint. Most quality paints are a top coat of thicker clear layer and a thin base layer of color which adds the ultimate shine to the finish. This top clear coat takes the most abuse; hence it is basically what needs to be cleaned.

Where to start?

First your car needs to be thoroughly washed. If you hire professional auto detailers, the next thing they make sure is that it is done in a shady area away from direct sunlight as excessive heat from the sun may cause cleaners and polishes to dry up and become useless.

Crucial methods

Compound: It is the most effective method of eliminating swirl marks and contaminants from your paint. Compound method was really intended for older single stage paints that needed a deeper cutting action for leveling out orange peel and getting a good base surface to start polishing. This method is not recommended for a few jobs.

Clay Bar: It is another way of taking away contaminates and flattening the surface. A clay bar can literally lift the filth out of the clear coat layer. Clay bar kits can be found at most auto parts stores and they which include a lubricant required to keep things gliding effortlessly across the paint surface.

Glaze: It is a better grit than compound and used to get rid of most swirl marks and level the paint surface, leaving it all set for an excellent polish and wax.

Professional auto detailing company also uses effective car scratch removal techniques in Calgary to give your car deep shine and desired smooth surface ready to add a coat of wax to shield the finish.

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