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After purchasing a car, it is obvious that you want to keep it in good condition. For that reason, you take your vehicle to the automatic car cleaning center. Though such facility performs car cleaning in short time, the process leaves scratches and swirls on the body that makes the car to lose its aesthetic value. However, if you approach the best car cleaning service in Calgary, it will always suggest you to opt for traditional car cleaning packages that maintain the shine of your car.

You have seen that automatic car cleaning results in development of scratches and swirls. This procedure also affects the sealant that saves car from undergoing discoloration. By avoiding automatic car wash service, you can attain the following benefits.

Avoiding High Pressure Water Blast:

When you choose automatic car cleaning, the servicing center applies high-pressure water blast to rinse and remove dirt from the surface. If rotating brush and cleaner failed to remove dirt from the surface, then the remaining debris gets absorbed through the paint and possibly leads to scratch formation.

Many automatic car wash centers use recycled water for lowering sewer bills. Recycling does not mean that the water will be always free from suspended dirt and grits. These grits may be sandblasted back onto the car under high pressure during the rinsing cycle and will damage the surface of the vehicle.

Protecting Your Car from Abrasive Brushes and Cheap Chemicals:

Automatic car wash offers fast cleaning, but it does not pay attention to fine detailing. Most often, the operator does not use appropriate cleaner in right amount. Many automatic car wash services use low quality cleaners to raise profit margins.

Best Car Cleaning

Cheap cleaners contain acidic compounds that damage the protective coating like sealant or wax, applied on the surface of your car. When these chemicals fail to loosen the grits, then a rotating brush is brought into action to clean the surface.

Most of the time, these brushes are not cleaned after each wash. This results in formation of scratches and swirls on the surface. However, when you approach the professional car cleaning service in Calgary, will ensure that equipments are thoroughly cleaned before they are used for performing a cleaning task.

Protect Your Car from Improper Drying Methods:

Many automatic car cleaning centers use strong jet of heated water to shed the excess water from the car’s surface. In order to draw maximum satisfaction, many car owners press the services of attendants to hand wipe the vehicle. During busy days, many cars undergo cleaning treatment. Most of the time, these attendants do not change the wiping towel.

So, the grits trapped in the towel may cause scratches after the wipe. When a car cleansing professional uses a towel made of microfiber, it prevents swirl and scratch formation on car’s surface. In addition, this kind of towel has better water absorbing capacity. Though hand wash methods performed by the best car cleaning company in Calgary are bit expensive and time consuming, but they can take care of the shine well.

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