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One of the world’s top luxury car makers BMW is about to release its latest cars under i Series. This includes i3, which is fully electric and the cool i8 that will definitely take the market by storm. Now, the question is how these new, spectacular, luxury exoskeletons will affect the detailing business. Know how to emerge as the best car detailing service in Calgary,where the demand for the re-innovated luxury car is growing.

In a first glance, you can see that all of these cars from i Series are featured with full glass roofs, nicely designed carbonate hood and glass doors. The most interesting point here is that the luxury car maker has increased the use of glass and clear elements. However, glass parts require frequent cleansing than other parts of a car because all the features made of glass can look great when they are kept in properly cleaned condition.

Avoid Using Rain Repelling Products:

To clean all the parts that are made of high quality glass, products like Rain-B-Gone are not the suitable option because such rain repellent products polish up the surface with a glossy layer. These products are generally made of harsh chemicals that affect the longevity of elements.

Use Glass Sealant:

Cars that feature high usage of glass elements such as seamless windows, larger windshield, glass doors and panoramic sunroof require glass sealant, which uses natural formula and efficiently protects valuable glasses from various weather conditions instead of just protecting from rain. You can purchase these products from the market, but you may not know the procedures of performing such task. When you looking for car detailing service in Calgary, it can perform this kind of task flawlessly and ensure the service quality.

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Paying Special Attention to Expensive Glass Parts:

When cleaning both the interior and exterior of your car, it is very important to pay special attention to the windshield. When we derive the car, windshield is more exposed to environmental debris than other glass-parts of the car. Thus, it is advised to take special care of the windshield. Therefore, it is equally important for the car detailing centers to purchase and install specialized equipments that can predict the type of treatment required for the expensive glass parts and can carry out the procedures safely.

Keeping Touch with Car Makers:

As the preferences of customers are changing, car manufacturers are conducting research and development activities accordingly to incorporate the best functionalities for having a pleasant driving experience. As the makeovers are delicate and expensive, detailing services should keep in touch with the automakers to get the ideas of latest detailing techniques.

In addition to maintaining updates with the car manufacturer, automotive detailing centers need to spend resources to train their staffs, so that they can develop right diagnostic skills and perform detailing procedures, which can generate fast and flawless customer satisfaction.

If you want to offer your customers proper cleaning satisfaction of the latest cars, then you need to research the latest car detailing techniques that are compliant with new models.

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