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How to Get Your Car Ready for Christmas Driving ?

December 5, 2014
by: Detailing World

When it’s Christmas time, holiday cards, wrapped gifts, a decorated tree with some fresh early morning baked items create a warm feeling! Are you planning to hit the road this festive season or dreaming of a white Christmas? But, before you plan out your holidays to start enjoying your trip to the fullest, it is important for you to get your car ready for Christmas.

Always remember that if not on the big day, you are sure to get snow, ice and frost at some point. Although, it may look pleasant, it makes driving much more difficult. Of course, you don’t want to find that your vehicle can’t cope. Here are a few tips to keep your automobile safe on the road during winter driving. Let’s check out!

Car Battery – Usually these last for 3 to 5 years, hence if yours is this aged it’s worth checking it before the weather gets too freezing. The battery needs to be replaced when the engine turns over slowly after starting. Otherwise, when the weather gets extremely cold it might not start your vehicle at all.

Tyres – Your tyres should be at least 3mm for winter driving and when you’re inspecting, check the condition. Pay attention to uneven wear including any rips in the tyres. You are recommended to change your tyres to winter ones. Winter tyres considerably improve the performance on the road in cold and icy conditions.

Antifreeze – Check the fluid level in the radiator to ensure that it doesn’t freeze up as there is sufficient antifreeze in your vehicle’s cooling system.

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Windscreen Washer – Make sure the reservoir is completely topped up with water and treat with an appropriate additive to decrease the chance of freezing. Avoid using the antifreeze you put in your radiator as it will harm the paintwork.

Windscreen Wipers– The wipers need to be in good working condition. It’s best replacing them now if they are worn. New blades will make a huge difference in snow or heavy rain.

Light – Clean the lights as well as number plates to help you clearly see and be seen. The winter roads make the number plates illegible and light hazy.

Finally, if you have to set off early, consider allowing yourself sufficient time to get your vehicle ready and safe for your journey. Also, you can get your car thoroughly detailed by professionals at Detailing World. Try and be assured for safe winter driving for the big Christmas day. Our exterior and interior car detailing packages including carpet and upholstery steam cleaning service in Calgary won’t let your holiday spirit get dampened.

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