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This blog is not for you if you consider your car to be nothing more than non-living machinery and do not actually care about its long life or appearance. However, if you are a smart Calgarian who understand the importance of your vehicle and consider it much more than a medium of transport, you need to take care of it with utmost care and high-tech cleaning procedures.

The paint finish of your vehicle can be greatly affected by rough weather conditions, road salt and dirt. The dullness, swirl marks and scratches can make the exterior look very unattractive. And once the environment damages the paint, simple cleaning and washing is not going to eliminate these marks. Application of new paint is among the very few options which you can adopt. But, this is going to be a costly affair. Another alternative is the application of Ceramic Coating and 3M paint protection.

What is 3M Car Protection?

If you want to protect the paint of your car before it gets damaged, apply 3M paint care. It is the process of protecting the paint color from fading away and oxidation, cost-efficiently. Few reputed car detailing service providers also offer ceramic PRO coating service along with 3M paint protection service in Calgary. This ceramic PRO coating is an advanced and better version of 3M paint care, although the functions, utility and benefits are more or less same. This invisible layer of protective shield safeguards the surface from the stones hits, gravels and other hard objects on the roads. It is tested and verified by SGC, world’s renowned testing; verification and inspection company.

Car Detailng

Ceramic PRO coating is powered by special advanced nano-technology which will provide permanent protection to the exterior paint of your vehicle. Hence, the durability of the paint is greatly enhanced. Looking for any additional benefits and USP? Well, it can be applied to the plastic, wheels, rubber trims and glass. This layer is not going to weather out with the passage of time.

A must-have for new vehicles

The 3M paint care can keep your new vehicle looking new for a longer time period by defending against road chips, bugs, sand, stones and dirt, especially if your are driving it on a daily basis.

It is advisable to bring your car to the professional car detailers for once after you have purchased it. They will apply the protection all over the vehicle with correct thickness. It has self-levelling formula which can even out almost all the imperfections and unevenness. So, now you can retain the showroom-like shine for years and also increase the resale value of your car.

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