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If you are a proud owner of a car in Calgary, one of your main responsibilities is taking your car for an auto detailing and overhauling service. A proper detailing service would enhance its longevity and make sure that the vehicle performs right up to your expectation. Now finding out a modest auto detailing service provider in Calgary is not at all an issue. You will find a number of highly experienced and competent Auto detailing Calgary company ads available on the internet, on local television channels, in local newspapers and yellow pages.


However, the main concern that should tickle your mind is that, how many of these so called competent (as all of these companies would claim to be) companies are really good enough to conduct this highly technical service in a proper way. You need to have a clear idea about the right way of conducting auto detailing services and also about certain common mistakes that some of these companies end up committing. This ensures that you choose the best of the lot at the end of the day, to guarantee safety and security of your prized possession. Let us discuss some of these auto detailing mistakes.

Using inappropriate products: There are certain companies, which use crockery soaps to polish the outer surface of the cars. These products are used to polish dishes and hence, when used on car surfaces can have a drastic effect on the paint and will cause irreparable damage to the same. Likewise, there are a number of instances of the relatively less experienced companies using the wrong products for the wrong purpose.

Aggressive Polishing: Polishing the surface of the cars and vehicles is a very delicate affair. Moreover, there is quite an extent of aesthetics associated with it. This is something that the “yet-to-be-better” auto detailing Calgary companies tend to forget while polishing vehicles. Moreover, the modern paint works are getting more and more aesthetic as well as delicate. In response to this change, the auto paint manufacturing companies are changing the chemical formula to make the improved car polishes that come up with some value added properties and differ a lot from the traditional car polishes. Now, the car detailing companies need to use these ultra modern paints while servicing the vehicles – something that they often either forget or ignore.

Other than these common blunders, other slip-ups that these auto detailing companies commit include, applying too much wax while providing the final dazzle to the surface, which is a total misuse, as only a thin layer is needed to provide that undeniable shine, application of conditioners on leather and wet carpet that drastically reduces the efficacy of the conditioner, and improper claying and repetitive use of a single clay bar that may result in surface scratches due to accumulation of debris in the bar.

Hence, it is imperative that you keep these issues in mind while selecting a competent and experience Auto detailing Calgary Company for your vehicle.

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