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Are Bacteria Driving Your Car?

September 22, 2015
by: Detailing World

Without your knowledge, your car could be the cultivating field for uncountable nasty bacteria.  As per several surveys, there are people who do not admit that their cars are dirty. They drop foods, spill drinks and hardly clean the car’s interior. Researchers have discovered germs related to eColi and Staphylococcus from steering wheels, seats and footwells. So it’s time to wipe them out from your car.

Are Bacteria Driving Your Car

Have a look at this informative info-graphic which will help you to take necessary actions quickly and remove these harmful germs from your car. The info-graphic provides a bacteria chart mentioning which car parts contain what percentage of bacteria. It also presents six easy solutions by which you can kill the bacteria and clean your car efficiently. Check them out. Followed by that, it presents a graph which shows what percentage of people got success by applying these tips and how many got no result or failed to apply those tips effectively. Easy to read and attractive illustration will help you remember these solutions well.

The good practices cannot be adopted instantly. But, you must start from today to get a healthy and germ-free interior. Also, take your vehicle to professionals for occasional interior car wash in Calgary. They carry out extensive cleaning procedures and apply disinfectant to destroy the germs.

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