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A car is a pricey as well as emotional possession. As a car owner, you will definitely not like to drive a vehicle affected with scratches on its surface. Scratches are often formed when a car meets accident or fall prey to poor parking, juvenile behavior, etc. If you are unable to fix those scratches by yourself, you can always hire a car scratch removal service in Calgary and restore the original looks of the vehicle in well-fashioned manner.

A car scratch removal service in Calgary follows these tips for fixing scratches:

> Inspection of damage
> Preparing the area for repair
> Rinsing of the affected part
> Fixing the paint surface
> Polishing the affected area
> Waxing the affected area
> Final washing

Inspection of Damage:

The first step of scratch fixing starts with close inspection of the car’s body. The detailing staff determines whether a scratch has really occurred or it is something else that has surfaced on the paint. Sometimes, what appears is the raised line of material that has occurred due to an impact. Such development takes place when your vehicle comes in contact with an object whose coating is softer than your car’s paint.

Preparing the Area for Repair:

The car detailing staff sprays water on scratched surface to ensure that debris is removed from the affected area. Then, 2000-grit sandpaper is wrapped around a sanding pad and the sanding operation begins for attaining an even surface.

Scratch Removal

Rinsing the Affected Part:

The car dealing staff rinses the affected area to make it dry and clean. This step is performed by using a clean as well as high quality microfiber cloth to prevent further scratch formation.

Fixing the Scratches:

Rubbing compound is applied on the scratched areas with the help of buffer pad. This ensures complete application of such compound on the affected parts. Rubbing compound smoothens the paint surface and also takes out scratches from sandpaper.

Polishing the Scratched Area:

The scratched areas are polished with rubbing compound. During this stage, the car detailing staff turns on the buffer by setting it to the lowest level and moves it around the affected area for ten seconds in approximate. Such professional also ensures the operation is performed in short time, so that the compound does not become dry before being smoothed out.

Waxing the Affected Area:

The car detailing professional uses a towel and clean water for removing the compound residue from the paint’s surface. If the compound entered into any crevices, toothbrush is used for removing it.

After removal of the compound residue, a high quality carnauba wax is applied on the affected surface and the surface is buffed with a random orbital buffer.

Final Washing:

Final washing is performed to ensure that the repaired areas look shiny.

Generally, these tips are followed by a car scratch removal service in Calgary to restore the look of the vehicle.

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